Why Volunteer

Why Volunteer?

There are at least 5 reasons why volunteering is a thing to consider.

1. You do meaningful things

If making the world a better place sounds like a goal worth achieving for you, there’s no better way to getting closer to it that than to volunteer. You don’t need scientific studies (although there are a lot of them) to prove that helping others is among the strongest factors of life satisfaction and subjective well-being. Supporting other people, in other words, works well for your psyche.

2. You develop professionally

Contributing to the greater good can boost your professional skills as well. Whether you help to fight for human rights, help the elderly, help to protect the environment or help to integrate local communities, by organizing projects, managing resources and collaborating with people you gain a lot of skills you can use in your professional life. To many employers volunteering experience in your CV is a sign of you being active and values (not only money) driven.

3. You meet people and make friends

Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet a lot of new people and possibly to make new friends. Friends from school, university or work are all fine, but the chance is that it is among your fellow volunteers you’ll meet the biggest number of people who share your worldview and interests. And there’s hardly any better way of cementing relationships than working together for a common cause.

4. You learn the world

Different cultures, different countries, different ways of living, different ways of working – you can learn all of it at the same time and pretty much effortlessly, with an open mind being the only thing you’ll need. Books, TV and the Internet can teach you a lot about the world but being there and experiencing it is beyond comparison.

Why to volunteer in Ghana

Firstly, Ghana is a relatively well-developed African country, with stable democracy, booming economy, decent infrastructure and modern living standards. If you’re a Westerner, by coming to Ghana you’ll be able to fully experience the great sides of Africa without the risk of being overwhelmed by too harsh living conditions.

Secondly, English language is the official language of the country so even in the most remote places of Ghana are you able to communicate easily with the locals. Of course, there are local languages and dialects (there are more than 250 of them!) so if you’re willing to experience real linguistic diversity, Ghana is a place for you.

And thirdly, being an African country, Ghana offers all the best things you can get in this second biggest World’s continent: from unimaginably friendly and welcoming people, exotic cuisine, ethnic African music, rich tropical wildlife, vibrant everyday life, picturesque landscapes to historical landmarks dating centuries back.

Why to volunteer for Icare Humanity Ghana

It’s great that you’re considering volunteering in the first place. Whether you’ll join FCF, a small local charity based in Ghana or any other charity (small or large, local or international, family-run or led in a more “corporate” style), your time, effort and energy will make a difference.

The advantages of joining iCare Humanity Ghana will be the following:

You’ll directly cooperate with the founders of the charity, the very ones who established it and who run it on a daily basis. This means you’re involvement in the charity’s projects and initiatives will be real and hands-on. Rather than being a clog in a corporate machine, you’ll have a real and visible impact on things. Your accomplishments will translate into immediate and tangible benefits for the children and schools you’ll work with.

You’ll also be able to flexibly adjust the projects you’ll be involved in and the tasks you’ll be doing to your personal abilities and preferences. Rather than being assigned defined roles and standard responsibilities you’ll be able to tailor them by yourself.

Although small and local, FCF can already be proud of having cooperated with many volunteers from different countries. See profiles of our volunteers and read about their experiences >>

Here’s the list of projects and initiatives they’ve been contributing to: iCare Humanity Projects >>


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